Visibility & noise reduction

Take away the view of the building site. Reduce noise nuisance from the construction site or event. Then use these special accessories. Fire retardant foil sails, noise reducing cloths or advertise your company or building project.

Noise Control Barrier

En lösning som håller ljudvågor begränsade till byggplatsen och är så enkelt som det är effektivt.


Screening fences

We have foil sails in the colours blue, white and black. The tarpaulins obscure the view of your terrain. Ideal for calamities, building sites with a lot of material or a neat appearance for the environment. The foil sails are also available in NVO quality (not flame-maintaining).



Serviceprodukt. Effektiv reklam för dig eller dina kunder.



Serviceprodukt. I två standardfärger.