The right accessories add value to temporary fencing. Better security and controlled access are the result.

Our accessories simplify your logistics. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The base

Concrete block

Reinforced concrete.

Weight 36 kg
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Plastic block

40% lighter than concrete.

Weight 22 kg
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Steel footing plate

The foundations for hard surfaces. Two upright tubes.

Weight 11 kg
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Extra certainty


Standard clamp. Can be loosened on the inside of the enclosure with a spanner.

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Safety clamp

Cannot be opened with ordinary tools.

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Lift-out protection

Your fencing cannot be lifted out of the block.

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Provide additional access and closure of a site. The hinge provides locking, strengthening and security.

Weight 1 kg
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Tube prevents blowing/pushing over.

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Ground pin tube anchoring.

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Easily turn your fence into a swing gate.

Weight 0,8 kg
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Synthetic cross tie

Frame for 28 pre-galvanised fences (Eco-line).

Lenght 1.200 mm
Hight 110 mm
Weight 27 kg
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Horizontal transport stand

For HELA’s Eco-line and Pro-line.

Lenght 3.455 mm
Hight 1.300 mm
Weight 73 kg
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Vertical transport stand

Vertical transport and storage: 25 pre-galvanised site fences (Eco-line).

Lenght 3.550 mm
Hight 200 mm
Weight 87 kg
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Crush barrier stand

Easy to transport: 32, 9-bar crush barriers or 22, 19-bar crush barriers.

Lenght 1.825 mm
Hight 1.180 mm
Weight 79 kg
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Create advertising

Name plates

Service product. Effective advertising for you or your customers.

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Construction tarpaulins

Service product. In two standard colours.

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