Transport and storage

We have several solutions for the storage and transport of fences, barriers, city fences and accessories. Horizontal or vertical transport. Ask about the advantages per transport system.

Synthetic cross tie

Frame for 28 pre-galvanised fences (Eco-line).

Lenght 1200 mm
Hight 110 mm
Weight 27 kg
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Horizontal transport stand

For HELA’s Eco-line and Pro-line.

Lenght 3455 mm
Hight 1300 mm
Weight 73 kg
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Vertical transport stand

Vertical transport and storage: 25 pre-galvanised site fences (Eco-line).

Lenght 3550 mm
Hight 200 mm
Weight 87 kg
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Crush barrier stand

Easy to transport: 32, 9-bar crush barriers or 22, 19-bar crush barriers.

Lenght 1825 mm
Hight 1180 mm
Weight 79 kg
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