Access & Security

Avoid additional costs and delays to the construction project due to theft or vandalism caused by the use of additional accessories.

The security of the site depends on a number of factors; the type of construction project, the construction site and the size. The larger the site or project, the more people have access.

How do you easily make a safe entrance to the building site? This can be done in different ways. For example, with a sliding gate. You can easily use a number of accessories, such as a wheel or a hinge to create an access to the building site.

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Lift-out protection

The fence can't be lifted out of the block. 

Lenght 155
Hight 290
Weight 0,5
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Provide additional access and closure of a site. The hinge provides locking, strengthening and security.

Lenght 230
Hight 140
Weight 1 kg
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Easily turn your fence into a swing gate.

Lenght 200
Hight 200
Weight 0,8 kg
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