Crowd Management

"Crowd management is part of the preparation for a major public event that aims to manage crowds and flows of people in a safe way," says WikiPedia.

Fencing plays a major role in this. Guiding large crowds of people is often done by the correct placement of fences and pressure fences around the site, at the entrances and securely protected areas.

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ECO-pedestrian fence

The 1 meter fence is a light, safe and multifunctional fence. You use it as a demarcation in places where overview is important or on top of other fences to create a height of 3 metres.

Length 3500 mm
Height 1200 mm
Mesh width 100 x 250 mm
Weight 9,5 kg
Wire Thickness 3 x 3 mm
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Pro Crush Solid

The safety of spectators during a public event is always number one priority. The robust design of the 19-bars crush barrier provides more stability.

Length 2500 mm
Height 1100 mm
Mesh width 100 mm
Weight 16 kg
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Pro Crush Basic

An ideal safety barrier for managing or holding back large groups of people. The hook & eye connection ensures simple and quick erection. The narrow bar distance of 113 mm makes the safety barrier friendly for children and animals. The safety barriers are easy to slide together for optimal transport or storage.

Length 2300 mm
Height 1100 mm
Mesh width 113 mm
Weight 11 kg
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